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Kiesha Shoemaker

Kiesha has over 25 years of teaching experience and is a Georgia Certified teacher. She has homeschooled, at various levels, 5 of her 6 children. Developing curriculum adapted from state standards and in preparation for upper education is foremost in her methods of teaching. 

As a foster mom for many years, Kiesha is loving and compassionate to students and families with sensitive backgrounds and loves to help families build from where they are. She has decades of both personal and educational experience with students with individual learning needs.

As an Educator to the Deaf, she has 30 years experience in teaching American Sign Language, ASL. In Arizona she co-founded a Deaf School and very much enjoyed teaching deaf students many subjects K-12. There, she also, developed Science, Math, and History curriculum, while serving as Lead Teacher in modeling good practices for other teachers K-8.

Kellie Scheer

Kellie is a passionate, compassionate educator with 20 years experience. She has Masters in Jewish Education from Gratz College and her Bachelor of Arts from American University. 

After spending years as a classroom teacher, she spent a decade building curriculum and mentoring teachers from Kindergarten through 7th grade. She wrote and led Family Education and created curricula for various non-profits.

For the last eight years, she has homeschooled her five kids (now ages 10-20) while teaching within the homeschool community extensively.

Kellie has experience teaching kids with special needs (such as those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADHD).
She is also a chaplain, receiving her training at ALEPH Rabbinical School and Children’s Healthcare of America. 

Amy Durant

Amy is a self-taught artist with 20+ years of experience making art and sharing her love of the craft with friends, customers, and students. She provides a safe, positive atmosphere of encouragement and acceptance in her classes, allowing her students to learn and grow at a pace that is right for them. Amy's openness to new mediums has given her the knowledge and expertise to teach a variety of art forms, from acrylics to mixed media to sculpture to origami. She is excited to teach both new and experienced artists of all ages.

Mary Felts

Mary has been working with children’s literacy since 1988. She has always been a voracious reader, and has never been able to resist a good “I wonder...” If you have lived in the Kennesaw area from 2000 on, you may recognize her as Miss Mary, from the Cosmic Possum Story Time in downtown Kennesaw. Most recently she has been the Library Parapro at Awtrey Middle School, where she has been the in-house tutor for all ages and all grades. Educated at UCF and GSU, Mary’s whole brain learning system has been studied at GSU and Duke University. She uses music, dance, writing, crafts, recipes, and hands-on learning to teach a cultural history of the world, with an emphasis on fun and exploration- and literature. Mary believes all the information in the world comes through a library, whether it’s the Library of Congress or the Camel Library in Ethiopia. She believes the world is an amazing place and her joy is helping kids find their own ways of exploring it.

Kristin Petersen

Kristin is a lifelong crafter with the motto “We can make that!” Around seven years ago, she began focusing heavily on sewing, where creative freedom and practical skills meet. Aside from sewing for herself, her family, and her friends, Kristin has created bridal veils, formal gowns, and costumed a number of productions for community theaters in Georgia. She also has over ten years of education experience, so sharing this craft with young people naturally melds her passions for teaching and creating. Sewing and other crafts are obviously fun to do, but the skills students gain go beyond just the enjoyment. Sewing is about creative problem solving. Planning and executing a project develops spatial reasoning and invites one to keep building and refining skills and techniques. Kristin is eager to nurture all these capacities in her students.

Ian Crament

Through the many years Ian has spent tutoring mathematics to high schoolers and college students, he's found a passion for teaching and recontextualizing the more difficult sections of Algebra and Geometry into the real world! Ian has experience teaching students with ADHD and Dyslexia and hopes to further develop his skills as a teacher. As a student himself, he places priority on preparing his students for higher education by ensuring thoughtful communication with students and parents alike! He is a is a college student currently studying Architecture and School Psychology at Kennesaw State University.